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25% off for clients!

I happen to also be the owner of Earthy Birth, so when you hire a birth pool from me, you get the best pool at the best price! It is a gorgeous off-white colour and has enough room for two people. Three different hire bundle are available depending on your needs, and a disposable liner (valued at $85) is included in the price

Water in labour has been described as "nature's epidural". It can be incredibly soothing, help you relax and can shorten labour time. Babies born into water also usually have a more peaceful transition from the womb to the outside world. If you would like to have a birth pool for your home birth, either for labouring, birthing or both, I can provide one for you to hire. 

Please note an additional security deposit is required to book the birth pool. This will be refunded when the pool and accessories are returned in their original condition.

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