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Rachael B

I cannot recommend Rosie enough! She truly helped us achieve the birth we had been hoping for. She supported both me and my husband throughout the antenatal, birth and postpartum periods and provided so much knowledge for us to use when making decisions. She had good knowledge of hypnobirthing techniques and language , and had many other additional skills in her doula kit. We know that Rosie will definitely be apart of our future births as she was the perfect addition to our birth team .

Newborn Baby


Rosie was the most amazing support person during my home birth, her presence was calm, made me feel comfortable and kept me relaxed the whole time. Even though my birth didn't fully go to plan, if it wasn't for her quick thinking and actions my beautiful baby girl wouldn't be here. No words can describe how incredibly grateful I am for Rosie's support

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Rosie D

I cant recommend Rosie enough!

She was so supportive and helpful during my freebirth of my son.

She knew just when to gently suggest something and when to be hands off. Her quiet confidence and wealth of knowledge was so reassuring. She played such a vital part in me achieving the birth of my dreams!

I will definitely use her services again and highly recommend her to anyone looking for the perfect doula.

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Rosie filled our hospital birth room with so much love, support and continual guidance. Being a first time mama having her by my and my partner’s side made us feel like this birth was going to be within our hands with no outside pressure, which it completely was. In moments where I was unsure, Rosie was there giving me the confidence and offering me alternatives that aligned with how I wanted to birth our beautiful baby into the world. She helped me make the decisions which gave me an empowering birth. Her support was not just appreciated throughout the birth, but pregnancy and postpartum as well. Thank you Rosie for being part of making this the best memory of our lives. No words to express what you did for us



I didn’t get the privilege of having Rosie as my doula, but that didn’t stop her support throughout my pregnancy and postpartum period. I unfortunately had a really horrible experience within my hospital and health care staff. Rosie gave me the validation and advice that really kept my head above water while my little one was in special care. I know if I had Rosie on my team I would have had a complete different experience and outcome. This really is her calling and anyone who has her as their doula is blessed! Thank you Rosie for being there for me even hundreds of kms away.

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Rosie went above and beyond to help me prepare and create a birth space that would have been one I felt safe and comfortable in. Whilst I didn’t get to have my dream birth experience due to circumstances beyond our control, Rosie still made sure to provide support following my birth making sure I never felt alone or unsupported. Her warmth and knowledge I would recommend to anyone looking to have an empowered positive birth from pregnancy through to postpartum.



Thank you so much Rosie for the amazing support role you played in free birthing my beautiful girl into the world on 28/12/2022. Rosie has this calming energy that I instantly felt as soon as she came into the room where I was labouring. She intuitively knew exactly what I needed. Rosie supported all my choices and decisions and allowed me the power to have my birth on my own terms. I felt safe in her presence and hugely supported. I also didn’t think I would need as much support as what I did and I am so grateful Rosie was there guiding me through every surge and providing the best counter hip pressure (this was life saving).Rosie also made it so easy to prepare for a home birth as she has such knowledge, experience and wisdom. Rosie also did my placenta encapsulation and my goodness it has made such a difference in my postpartum recovery highly recommend doing this for any birthing mother.If I decide to have more children Rosie will definitely be the person I call on to support me. Highly recommend Rosie and her services.



I can’t recommend Rosie enough! My first birth ended in caesarean and I was very determined to have a different outcome for my second and consider all options that could help me achieve a VBAC. As soon as I met Rosie, I felt so comfortable with her and quickly decided to have her at my birth. She was an invaluable source of support for both myself and my partner and a very calming presence - especially in our few times of doubt (whether it was time to leave for hospital yet, during prolonged pushing stage etc). Her knowledge of techniques for natural pain relief such as counter pressure on hips really helped me through every contraction. She taught my partner to do them too and I felt so supported through the whole labour. We also had plenty of laughs along the way which kept me in a good mind space. She assured me I was doing everything well and really helped me push on during those later stages of labour when I was losing energy. Rosie was absolutely worth her weight in gold and I achieved the birth I wanted. You can tell she genuinely cares and enjoys the work she does, which makes all the difference. I loved the photos she captured of those special moments and also how she advocated for my wishes during and post birth, at times when I would have easily forgot to voice them. Can’t thank you enough Rosie!

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Rosie is an angel! I chose her as my doula because we are like-minded about birthing. I knew I could trust her wisdom and presence in my birth space and along my pregnancy journey.Although our baby came before she made it to the birth (he was in a hurry!), I was so glad to have her there in the moments after. (Rosie guided me through the first feed and birthing the placenta.) I particularly loved her calming, reassuring presence, gentle wisdom, and her respect of my choices during golden hour.I felt well thought of and cared for during the pregnancy and post partum periods also.I would definitely have her as our doula again. ❤Hubby's input: "I think she did a really good job... She was very professional."



Rosie was fantastic! She is so calm and knowledgeable and her presence was a great source of peace at our Freebirth to both my husband and myself. She was supportive and encouraging and took the time to get to know my husband and I and figure out exactly what we wanted for OUR birth so she could support us in it. She never intruded or pushed anything. We had a beautiful intimate homebirth and we were so comfortable with her being there, there was no awkwardness or anything. She had a few tips and tricks that were so useful to me. This was my third birth and I thought I like to labour on my own and didn't really need anyone. However I really appreciated having her there and doing her thing quietly and unobtrusively, it was such a support! I highly recommend her and know she will be a huge support on any birthing team

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Rachael S

The best decision we made to prepare for the birth of our son was hiring Rosie. She is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and kind, and prompt to respond to all our communication. The prenatal meet ups made us feel prepared to welcome and care for our son when he arrived.Pre and post birth, Rosie was right there to offer support and advice when I needed it and was a source of comfort and inspiration.Since the birth of our son, Rosie has continued to support and help us adjust to life with our new baby. We love and unequivocally recommend Rosie!Rosie thankyou for sharing your passion with the world. It’s so evident that you love what you do and inspire so many couples to be strong and fearless when it comes to birthing their babies.I am so grateful for everything you did for us. Thankyou for putting together the most beautiful blessing-way, for helping my partner and I prep for my sons home birth, and for the pre and post natal care

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Rosie has brilliant knowledge and trust in our bodies' ability to carry, birth and nourish our babies. Having experienced many different birth and postpartum experiences herself, and walking alongside me while I experience infertility, IVF, miscarriage in the second trimester and then a twin pregnancy, premature birth and the joy of bringing our babies home, I have great confidence. Confidence in her innate knowledge, but also in her ability to say "I'll get back to you asap"and learn more herself to care for US, the mothers alongside her, growing their families and learning too.

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Rosie’s calming energy and knowledge helped us feel supported during the home birth of our second child. She was a big part of creating the birth experience I had envisioned. We highly recommend Rosie for your doula as she is the support person you didn’t know you needed.

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Lauren D

Rosie hosted my mothers blessing a couple of weeks ago and it was nothing short of magical. She held the space for us all so beautifully and helped me sink deeper into my birthing journey. If you are considering having a mothers blessing, I cannot recommend Rosie enough.



I am so happy that I said yes to having Rosie there to support me during my homebirth. She was everything I didn’t know I needed. Her words of encouragement, calm nature and overall service was highly valued. I would definitely recommend Rosie’s services to anyone wanting someone on their side during these special times.

Pregnant Belly

Lauren P

Rosie is naturally so kind and patent. She will believe in you, and your birthing abilities before you believe in yourself. Trust Rosie to make you feel like a birth goddess!

Baby's Clutch


Rosie was such amazing support prenatally, during our birth and postnatally. She has so much knowledge, very prompt with communication and her presence at my birth was so calming. Having Rosie with us made my partner much more confident with a home birth. I would absolutely recommend Rosie 100%

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Rosie was our doula for the birth of our beautiful son on the 24th of March 2022. It was such a nourishing and enriching experience. I felt so nurtured and at ease in her presence, and baby's dad was much reassured by her presence at the birth and the care she gave me afterwards. Her caring vibe extended to everyone, including my other kids, who all woke up towards morning and came out to greet their newest brother.Both Taylor and myself are so thankful to have found Rosie, to join us on this birthing journey of our little boy coming into the world. She is such an incredible woman and I would highly recommend her as a doula for any birthing mumma.



Rosie had a calm and grounded energy when I met her leading up to my birth. I was sure about having a freebirth after having had 2 c sections. Rosie was supportive, informed and well networked. I found her knowledge and understanding of the medical system and birth itself, reassuring. I believe that even talking through my past births with her understanding and knowledgeable perspective had deep healing effects.

I had some stressors in my life through out my pregnancy and around the time of my birth that I believe impacted my ability to stay grounded and connected with myself and my baby. For much of my birth, I was very much in a zone and oblivious to Rosie when she arrived. I'm not sure how much of that is just the nature of birth and how much is due to not being mentally/emotionally prepared. I do remember her applying pressure to my lower back during surges, which helped enormously with the pain. I also recall her telling me to visualise my cervix opening and this being especially helpful as it gave me something to focus on when I felt very much out of control when in the thick of a surge.

My lil one was born healthy and has been amazing me every day as she grows and changes. As I watch her grow and take time to reflect on her birth, I remember and feel into more of the moments I had forgotten. There's a mix of feelings about those moments, some of them not how I had imagined or planned. I still feel amazed sometimes when I realise I freebirthed my baby, I've thought "I really did that!"

I recommend Rosie for her calm approach to freebirth and her knowledge and understanding of the birth process and medical system. Her recomendations of alternate providers post partum was immensely helpful and reaasuring during those first weeks where I felt vulnerable and weary.

2023-06-22 001 182.jpg


I was so honoured to have Rosie as my doula as a support for both myself and my partner. My labour experience was long and tough but Rosie’s calm energy kept us at ease. Sadly after an emergency C section out little boy didn’t make it, but Rosie was an amazing support in the weeks to follow. Not only would she check in with us continuously, but she also rallied her community to support us too with home cooked meals and loving words when we needed it most.


This experience has created a bond between us like no other. Although it’s not based on favourable circumstances, I’m so grateful for Rosie in so many ways. She is a doula who truly cares with every fibre of her being and I highly recommend her

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We can't thank Rosie enough!!
We don't have words to explain how wonderful, amazing, magic, calm, supported natural birth We had with our first baby.
Rosie has endless knowledge, experience, magic and love for pregnancy/birth/post-partum/women journey.
We felt very supported, heard and held by Rosie.
She made sure that the hospital followed our birth plan.
It was absolutely amazing having a doula like Rosie next to us making sure We all were safe, in the zone, respected and not being observed by strangers, so we could have the dream birth and so we did.
Rosie, you are magic!
Forever grateful.

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