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Terms & Conditions

A Doula's role does not include:

  • Performing clinical or medical procedures (eg. blood pressure, fetal heart monitoring, vaginal exams).

  • Prescribing medications or ordering tests such as pathology.

  • Making decisions for clients (but rather giving information so they can make informed decisions).

  • Speaking to medical staff when decisions are being made. Such communication must be directly between birthing parents and their caregivers.

  • Guaranteeing a “perfect”, intervention-free or painless birth. Birth does not always go to plan and a Doula cannot dictate or assume responsibility for its outcome, but can help to make it as beautiful as possible.



  • You must text or call me as soon as contractions or other signs of labour start, and keep me updated so I can begin making arrangements to leave my family and commitments.

  • Additionally, you must call me when you are ready for me to come to you. From the time of this phone call please allow an hour before I leave to come to you.

  • In the event labour lasts more than 14 hours, I may need to have a break of up to eight hours to sleep.

  • In the instance of a “free birth” where there is no midwife or obstetrician present, a Doula's services do not replace those of a trained health professional and the client takes full responsibility for all outcomes of these births.

  • In the unlikely event that I am sick or unable to attend your birth for any other reason (e.g natural disaster or personal injury), a backup doula will attend in my place if desired. Your fee will not change and I will arrange payment with the backup doula directly. 

  • I will (with your permission) take photos and videos of your birth whether you have chosen the photography package or not. I will not use any photos or videos without your permission. If you decide you would like your photos after all, you may purchase them post date for $300


  • 50% of the total fee is payable upon booking as arranged with me, with the full balance due at 36 weeks. Please talk to me if you need to arrange a payment plan.

  • Payment is non-refundable.

  • If I don't make it to the birth in time the full fee is still non-refundable, provided I leave to come to you within an hour of your call.

  • 30 minutes of travel is included in all fees, additional travel will be $60/hr or part thereof.

  • All fees are in Australian Dollars.

  • No government subsidies are currently available for doula services.

  • The following expenses (and any other related expenses) will be invoiced to you at 6 weeks postpartum:

          - Hospital parking.

          - Travel outside of the included 30 minutes.

          - Groceries or other items you ask me to pick up for you.

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