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Mother's Blessing Ceremony

$400 ($300 for clients)

A Mother's Blessing Ceremony is not a baby shower, it is a celebration where the women in your life come together to honor you as a mother and the rite of passage you are about to experience. It is a significant and powerful ceremony that symbolises and solidifies the unity of women and the support of your tribe.

Picture this: cushions, candles, soft music, nourishing snacks, and significant women gathered together to share wisdom, love and blessings. The ceremony will include specific rituals such as creating a blessing bracelet, lighting candles together, henna tattoos and speaking positive affirmations. We also plan our collective support for you during your fourth trimester, after the baby is born. The ceremony usually lasts 2-3 hours.

Rosie will work closely with you to get a good idea of what you want, and she will completely organise and facilitate the ceremony for you. This would usually take place in your home at around 34 weeks' gestation. 


Mothers blessing ceremony blessingway henna doula Sunshine Coast Queensland
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