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Labour Techniques Workshop
Private workshop in your home

$300 (or FREE with premium doula service)

Mummas, does your partner know how to support you in your labour and birth?

Do you know how to actively practice labour techniques during pregnancy, that are shown to decrease labour time and pain?

This workshop can be for any support people - you and your partner, you and your mum, you and your bestie... Whoever will be with you at your birth!

The 1 -2 hours in-home workshop includes:

- Breathing & relaxation from hypnobirthing
- Soft touch & massage
- Double hip squeeze
- Accupressure points & when to use them
- What to say & what not to say
- What to do & what not to do
- Knowing where she's up to in labour
- Mindset training & affirmations
- Physical preparation - the benefits of squatting & more
- Resource recommendations

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