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Holistic Birth Doula

Supporting women to achieve empowered and positive pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences on the Sunshine Coast and in North Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

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a doula is not a midwife, midwife is a medical professional and a doula is not. A doula can help reduce labour pain with things like hypnobirthing, calmbirth and ante natal classes. Labour pain is less with a doula and homebirth midwife. A doula or midwife can help you recognise early signs of labour. Learn the signs of labour, stages of labour, and where to go for neonatal resources. 

Is a doula a type of midwife? Nope! Midwives and doulas have some cross over in their support roles, but the main distinction is that a midwife is a medical professional and a doula is not. Midwives and doulas have the potential to make an excellent support team. So what is a doula if it's not a midwife?

Doula - The word is new but concept is ancient. In old times they were the tribe; the sisters, aunties, grandmothers, mothers and close friends who gathered around a woman and supported her through her rite of passage into motherhood.
Modern motherhood looks so different and devastatingly, most new mothers feel unsupported and fearful in birth and postpartum. THAT is what a doula is. She is your tribe, your support, your advocate and the holder of the sacred birth space.
Women who birth with a doula have less labour pain and less interventions.

Doulas are non-medical birth support, and we are filling a gaping hole in the birth world!

If you have more questions, you may find answers on the FAQ page.

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While supporting you as a doula I can very subtly take images and videos for you to look back on from your birthing day, which you will cherish more and more as your baby grows older. 

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Using water in birth has been described as "nature's epidural". It can help you relax, reduce labour pain and even shorten labour time. I have gorgeous Earthy Birth pool kits avaiable for hire.

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Your precious placenta will be carefully and hygienically prepared using chinese herbal methods, dehydrated and turned into capsules that are quick and easy to consume.


You and your partner learn techniques to practice both during pregnancy and in labour that will help you manage labour pain, feel supported and be less likely to require pain relief or interventions.

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Sunshine Coast & North Brisbane

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Wife, mother of four, holistic doula, gardener, chicken lady, musician, and absolute birth nerd. I birthed my babies naturally at home and I am passionate about empowering women in their births! Read my birth stories and more about me here.

Rosie, The Rosie Doula, Sunshine Coast, QLD
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"Rosie was fantastic! She is so calm and knowledgeable and her presence was a great source of peace at our Freebirth to both my husband and myself. She was supportive and encouraging and took the time to get to know my husband and I and figure out exactly what we wanted for OUR birth so she could support us in it.  I really appreciated having her there, it was such a support! I highly recommend her and know she will be a huge support on any birthing team."

- Elise
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Pink Flower, The Rosie Doula
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