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Should I Hire a Doula?

A commonly searched phrase is "should I hire a doula?" and my answer is: that depends on whether you want to achieve the birth of your dreams!

Did you know that, on average, women who receive continuous support from a doula have:

- 39% decrease in unplanned C sections.

- 15% increase in likelihood of spontaneous vaginal births.

- 10% decrease in the use of pain medications.

- an average reduction of 41 mins of total labour time.

- 38% decrease in chances of low 5 min APGAR.

- 31% decrease in risk of being dissatisfied with their birth experience.

- less likelihood of postpartum depression.

The most powerful part of doula support though, in my humble opinion, is feminine energy. When there is another woman with you in the room, on your team and work together with you and your baby there is just a totally different energy and vibe. Women get it. We understand. We have the same anatomy and most of us have given birth ourselves. I know that more women would hire doulas if they actually understood what a doula does!

In labour and birth we know what is likely to help or hinder your progress, we know the words to say to encourage you to keep going and how to squeeze the hips just right. We see what needs to be done and make it happen. We're good at filling birth pools and bringing snacks. We are patient, we don't put you on a clock, and we truly have your best interests at heart.

So you tell me - should you hire a doula?


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